Outdoor Patio Room

Outdoor patio room addition/ Bloomington, MN

This project won 2013 ROMA award in the Deck & Patio category from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities.



The Challenge

The goal for this project is create an outdoor entertainment space that connects the lower level of the home to the existing patio and fire pit.  This space also needs to support the large crowds that come for the BBQ and to watch the games that run well into the evening hours – without bugs.

  • Maintain drainage and existing grading on the home
  • Creating large structural openings that flow out onto the existing  patio
  • Mechanicals – how to deal with the homes existing exhaust locations?
  • Venting for the grill that is located in the porch
  • Bugs – design large movable screen structures that are hidden, accessible and durable

The Solution

Create a porch structure with large openings creating the connection to the remaining patio and the existing fire pit. Vaulted ceilings amplify this feeling as well. Lighting on dimmer switches and wall sconces give you control over the mood. The evening hours in Minnesota bring bugs, but that’s no problem – hidden, motorized screens keep bugs out and pets in too. The mounted TV can pull out and swivel as well, making for a great place to keep up on the game while entertaining your friends. Don’t worry about spilling on the floor, that colored stamped concrete is easy to hose off at the end of the night making party cleanup a breeze.


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