Translucent Onyx Bar
This lower level has this jaw-dropping secret. The bar tucked under the open staircase can't stay a secret for long though because it becomes the center of attention as soon as you descend to the lower level. This back-lit, onyx bar instantly becomes focal because it's so unique. Its translucent properties allow it to provide the stunning light show which can be changed depending on your mood.


This mid-century modern home is now the jewel of the neighborhood. A complete main-floor project focused on changes to the kitchen, a new master bath and a new powder bath for guests. The lower level has this jaw-dropping bar that will be the talk of any party. This back-lit, onyx bar instantly becomes the focal because it’s so unique. Onyx is a naturally translucent type of marble that is often used in designs with a backlighting feature in mind. We were proud to share this amazing home during the Spring 2017 Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase.


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