Going Green

Does it make sense to change your old windows and siding to new, more efficient products – and if you do, what else in your home will be affected?What about using reclaimed lumber? Bamboo for floors? Should you consider solar or geo thermal? Or qualifying for Minnesota GreenStar certification?

As green remodeling becomes more mainstream, it’s important to work with a remodeler who knows and understands the opportunities and implications. Some systems and products will add efficiency and value to your home, while others may not.

At McDonald Remodeling, we’re proud to have a team member, Todd Bjerstedt, who is highly knowledgeable in the many facets of green/sustainable home construction. Todd’s expertise can be invaluable in helping you make decisions. Whether you’re interested in taking just a few steps into the green arena, or achieving the highest standards of certification, we can help you add real value to your home while making it more livable.[hr]

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