As one of the Twin Cities leading residential remodelers, we exude a craftsmanship and attention to detail to transform clients’ homes.  We take on challenging designs and bring a passion for quality, a rich knowledge that comes with decades of experience, and an enthusiasm for customer service to every job. We build to last by creating beautiful and enduring work of the highest caliber.  Many of our remodels are of homes that have stood the test of time, and still have so much life left to give.  We are honored to reshape these and newer homes to the needs of today’s households, and, in the process, give these dwellings even more utility and life. But it’s not just about the end result, it’s also about the process.

The McDonald Remodeling process: respectful, time-tested.

More than in any other type of construction, the process itself is crucial during a remodel. Because unlike new-construction projects, we’re almost always working as guests in someone’s home. Our respectful, detail-oriented process relies on time-tested approaches that include precise planning and bidding schedules, project managers, construction superintendents and close communication with you, our client. By establishing a personal relationship and working with you as a team, we’re sure to achieve the result we all envision – a home that’s uniquely and comfortably yours.

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