Livable & lovable lower level remodels


Turn an ordinary remodel up to eleven to give your home the maximum livable space possible.

Lower level finishing and basement remodeling open up a wide range of opportunities for your home. Today’s basements and lower levels are truly usable, livable spaces. They are no longer damp and dark unwelcoming storage spaces where the laundry hides.

Today you can design a basement room to be almost anything you can imagine. Whether it’s an entertainment and theater room, a wine cellar, a bar and entertaining space, a hobby or craft room, an exercise room, a sauna, or another specialty space that’s unique to you. Let your imagination run wild and McDonald Remodeling will make your lower level or basement truly become a part of your home and living space.

Get ready to have your house look, feel, and function at its best.

Get your questions answered and learn about how our process takes the guesswork out of remodeling.

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