Jim McDonald

On what sets McDonald Remodeling apart, Jim says the company is part of a small group of remodeling firms dedicated to great design and exceptional craftsmanship—remodelers that surround themselves with good, talented people who are dedicated to that kind of thinking. Craftsmanship is huge for Jim. As he puts it, “McDonald Remodeling believes the excellence in execution of a design is paramount to the successof the design. We believe that good design is not a standalone thing—good design can come across poorly if the craftsmanship is less than excellent.”

Some might be surprised to learn that Jim comes from a long line of miners, having grown up on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Iron Range of Minnesota. He says his own work on a taconite mine taught him the value of hard work at an early age. Outside of work, Jim is passionate about helping the poor, particularly in Guatemala. He also keeps busy with projects around his own home.

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