Making kitchen remodeling decisions

Sep 3, 2015Inside McDonald Remodeling, Kitchens

A popular topic when people consider remodeling their home is the return on their investment if they were to sell their home down the road. This can be a helpful factor in making some of your decisions, but it’s also important to remember why you’ve decided to remodel in the first place. Many times it’s that you wanted to make your home feel more like your own, to improve it for the way you and your family live in it.

In her continuing series, our client, Kate Arends talks a bit about the evolution of their kitchen remodel on her site, Wit & Delight. When she and her husband Joe started to consider how much time they spend in their kitchen space, it lead them in a different direction than when they began their remodeling journey.

You’ll also get a peek at what their space looks like before its transformation and some of the inspiration behind the new kitchen.


We’d like to hear more about your remodeling ideas, and we can tell you more about our
approach to achieving your dream space.

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