Life runs more smoothly when you are organized! Having a place for everything saves time and money. This may come naturally to some, but we find its easier when you have the right tools. Special planning for kitchen storage is a major part of our design process. Kitchen storage options go far beyond dishes and silverware.

We  love incorporating spice storage, places for cooking oils, pegs for dishware, silverware storage and utensil canisters. We find ways to store linens, coffee supplies, and small appliances. If it is important to your kitchen, we can find a place for it.

So what is important in kitchen storage planning?


This article on Houzz does a great job describing your kitchen organization options:

Location is this in a convenient spot for a busy cook to reach utensils while cooking? We plan our storage compartments in spaces that are easy to access. In this kitchen we located two thin pullouts on either side of the range- to house spices and cooking oils.

Function will this plate storage drawer open and close smoothly for years to come? Our custom cabinets have soft close glides and high quality solid wood construction.

Size will this fit your collection of trays, coffee mugs or your small appliances? Our design team carefully considers your needs when planning your layout.

Accessibility with frequently used items, open shelving can be a great solution; we gave the end of this island open storage for cookbooks:

Chaska Remodeled Kitchen

Here we placed open storage for dishes under the cabinets. This is a great place for your dishes that you want to use frequently, or want to showcase if you like the color.


This kitchen uses an open corner shelf for a combination of daily use and display items.

Fulton Home

When designing your kitchen, we help you create a space that is not only beautiful, but functions efficiently. Proper kitchen storage can be a hidden yet highly important step in the planning process. Is your kitchen space challenged? Contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

Find more kitchen organization tips here.

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