Ever wonder when you will have the time to organize that collection, finish the scrapbook, play your guitar? Maybe it isn’t time you need, but the place!

A room of one’s own can be a dream come true.

Creating & Crafting

This hobby room was designed with sewing in mind. The homeowner finally has the perfect layout for her projects. We used custom cabines with sleek countertops and bright lighting for the optimal workspace. It’s also a great space for  scrapbooking, gift wrapping and general craft making. You can fill the open shelves with baskets and hide the mess behind the doors.


Curating & Collecting

If your pastime is collecting, we can create a space to display your treasures.

For one of our clients, an avid firearms collector, we designed this unique space.  The LED lighting and custom woodwork make this a showplace for this collector’s passion.


Cherry and walnut along with granite elevate this space to an ultimate collector showcase.

Duel Spaces

If space is at a premium, our design studio can come up with ways to incorporate your hobby into your existing space. For this Saint Louis Park remodel, this primarily functions as a living room, but we hung the homeowners favorite instruments for display and accessibility.

Clever brackets allow space for these music lovers to have there instruments at easy reach for the impromptu jam session.


More photos of this home and other McDonald Remodeling projects in our portfolio.

The definition of a room is “an enclosed section of building designed for a specific purpose”. Let us know if you need help coming up with a new way to use your existing space!

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