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Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home remodel, and the kitchen sink can be a key centerpiece of your new kitchen. Below, we explore some of the major kitchen sink options in terms of style, material, placement, and configuration, including some of the latest trends you might want to consider.


One key decision is the kind of material you would like in a kitchen sink. Stainless steel remains the most popular choice, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), because of its durable nature and the ease in maintaining it. Enameled porcelain or cast iron comes in second. It can create a classic look and it provides many color choices, while also being quite durable. A third material growing in popularity, according to the NKBA, is granite composite. This type of material is usually comprised of about 80% granite and 20% acrylic resin in order to create a more durable surface. Stone composites such as this are typically installed as an “undermount” to a countertop, which creates a smooth, uninterrupted surface all the way to the edge of the sink.


Decisions for the shape of your kitchen sink include how large and deep of a basin as well as whether you want a single, double, or even triple basin. A large single bowl can work well for those who want a big, open space to clean large pots and pans. Multiple basins aid with multi-tasking and multiple people in the kitchen. Another alternative is adding a second “prep sink” in another area of the countertop or center island, providing an additional space for people to wash up.


Farmhouse sinks with an apron on the front are a newer trend that evokes a classic style. But more than anything, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that kitchen sink styles are trending toward descriptors like “contemporary,” “clean lines,” and “little ornamentation.” These elements will likely stand the test of time, helping you to get the most out of your kitchen remodel.

One thing is for certain—there are myriad options to fit the tastes and needs of every homeowner. Let’s talk and find the perfect kitchen sink for you. Contact us today.

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