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Home remodels don’t have to be all about practicality. They can also include elements of whimsy and fun—like a secret room, accessible from a hidden doorway of some kind. Reasons for doing so are varied. They could include security, such as a place to store valuable collections. But such a space could also be a fun novelty, or a playroom for kids to enjoy.

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal highlighted this trend, sharing a number of striking secret rooms that have been recently created by homeowners across the country. These included a wine cellar accessible via a trap door, an underground parking space reached via hydraulic lifts, and a children’s playroom behind a bookcase.

Kinds of Secret Doors

Bookcases are a popular place to create a secret door. Methods for opening the door are incredibly diverse, such as turning various books or trinkets on the shelves. Creative Home Engineering is one producer of such bookcases and has a lot of great ideas.

Another common entrée for a secret room is a trap door. One example in the Wall Street Journal article is a glass trap door in the kitchen floor that opens to a wine cellar. The transparent entrance allows the wine to be on display when the homeowner wants. When the homeowner prefers, the door can be hidden underneath an accent rug.

See the links below for other great ideas and images for secret rooms, to get your creative juices flowing for your own home.

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