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It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to convert dining room spaces into other living spaces. Libraries, dens, and work spaces are just a few of the new uses for rooms formerly reserved for dining.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explored this trend in dining room conversion. The shift is due in part to the fact that people are increasingly likely to eat in other rooms of the house, explains author Amy Gamerson. People often gravitate toward the kitchen and even the living room for meals. The formal space of the dining room is less needed these days, often relegated only to holidays and entertaining on a handful of days out of the year.

Just one of many dining room conversion examples

One dining room conversion shared by Gamerson is the home of Tad Dekko, who transformed his dining room into what he is calling a “dining study.” Now, this space houses his large collection of books as well as desks for a work space. Even better, the room is multi-purpose—the desks can be combined to form a dining room table when needed.

Possible resale effects? Not to worry

One thing to keep in mind with a dining room conversion is resale value. If the change is too unusual, it may affect the appeal for future buyers interested in a more traditional floor plan. Thankfully, there are ways to design a conversion so that it could be easily turned back into a dining room for resale.

Other dining room transformations

Even if you decide to keep your dining room, you might be interested in making it a less formal space, as many homeowners are doing these days. This might mean changing out a more traditional chandelier and dining room set for a cozier eclectic or modern look. You’ll find many photo examples of dining room transformations in an article by the design and architecture magazine Freshome. The article also provides more food for thought (ahem) on the dining room question.

There are so many great ways to reinvent your dining room space—or any room in your house, for that matter. We’d love to talk with you about your ideas. Contact us today.

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