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These are some beautifully warm fall days. While you’re soaking up the waning time in your outdoor living spaces, consider another trend on the rise: the porch.

An article in the Wall Street Journal reports that porches on newly built homes have increased by 63%, according to the Census Bureau. Porches are also increasingly common with home remodels and expansions.

“The porch friendlies up the house,” says Robert A.M. Stern, dean of Yale School of Architecture, quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He says porches create “a place between the privacy of the house and the public world of the street.” Many designers feel that the porch has distinct advantages over a deck. For example, it can be more integrated into a home design and can feel more like a complete room.

These days, porches have many amenities and features that our grandmothers wouldn’t have dreamed of. Possibilities include built-in stereos and speakers, ambient lighting, fine mesh screens that are much easier to see through, radiant heat panels, and all manner of fine furnishings.

For further ideas on porches, you might check out Bob Vila’s exploration of four classic porch styles: the farm house, the colonial, the Queen Anne, and the bungalow porch. Vila includes great overviews of each, plus further history and architectural details on the four major styles.

Over at Houzz, you’ll find a wealth of ideabooks and several inspiring articles about porch use and design, including tips for dimensions, trends in modern porch styles, and inspiring small porches.

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