Center Island

An example of a two-tiered center island from McDonald Remodeling project in Edina.

A center island can be a striking focal point for your kitchen. It can be a place to introduce a splash of color, an additional texture, or a distinctive shape. It can also add elements of practicality, including additional storage, seating and, of course, counter space. With all of its appeal and potential, we decided to put together a roundup of creative ideas, and a few cautions, to give you a head start as you dream up your own center island.

First, a wealth of creative ideas for kitchen islands

An article at Houzz has curated a collection of 12 creative ideas for kitchen islands, from brightly painted cabinets as a foundation to an oversized sink to patterned tile to creating a center island from a re-purposed antique.

This Country Living article includes 26 samples for center islands, including spindle-leg stool accents, accessorizing your island with an assortment of old stools, using a durable concrete countertop, incorporating salvaged heart-pine beams, and including a built-in plate rack for “stealthy storage.”

An article in Cambria Style includes a number of helpful and inventive ideas for kitchen islands, sourced from designers around the country. First, a dual-height island can cover up cooking clutter from the rest of the living space. An angled or curved shape can add interest and might allow for the best fit in a kitchen space.

Mixed design materials, such as a section of the island made out of butcher block, can create a striking look and increase an island’s utility for different activities. And finally, the article suggests adding accessories like stoves, sinks, and various storage options, to the center island to further increase the utility of the space.

Finally, a few cautions for kitchen islands

The Cambria Style article includes some warnings as you consider designs for your kitchen island. First, it cautions against stuffing a center island in a space that is too small for it. It also advises against choosing a countertop material that requires a lot of maintenance and won’t stand up to the heavy use a center island often endures.

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