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The kitchen backsplash has really evolved over the years. It used to be a very small space behind the sink and stove to catch grease and water splatter. Today, it has grown to include any wall space above a countertop—and with many different textures, colors, styles, and materials being used, it can really personalize and add visual interest to your kitchen. From metallic to stone to mirrors to various textures, there are so many options for backsplashes these days. Below, we explore some of the main themes you might want to go for with your kitchen backsplash.

Ideas for your kitchen backsplash

Create a pop of color with your backsplash, like the tile example above. The clean and classic look of the white in the photo above is a style that will stand the test of time, while the colorful accent adds a freshness and visual interest. (Check out more photos of that award-winning project of ours, as well as this pop of turquoise in House Beautiful.)

Use a distinctive tile, such as blue and white French tile, to add charm and texture to your kitchen and a certain cultural flair, whether it’s French or Moroccan, Turkish or Mexican. You can also mix and match, for example using a solid color title with a patterned tile along the border. (Here’s an example of a French tile backsplash at House Beautiful.)

Subway tile is also very popular these days. It’s a classic, clean line — but also somewhat cool and urban. It is available in classic white but other colors as well, both bright and more subtle hues. (See our own project example above, and more subway tile colors at House Beautiful.)

A mirror can really lighten and open up a smaller or narrow kitchen space. It can also help connect various parts of a room. (Here’s an example of a narrow kitchen opened up with a mirror, from House Beautiful.)

Metal tiles are a nice way to blend old and new styles. The tiles could be in a classic shape while bringing a shiny, contemporary metal finish, or they could be an all-out modern element in your kitchen. (Check out this blend of classic and modern at Southern Living or this sampling of metal backsplashes via National Builder Supply.)

Chalkboard paint is a popular trend these days, and as a backsplash it can add both visual interest and practicality. Chackboards are made for regular cleaning and durability in the classroom. And they can be customized with your own chalk patterns and designs — or used to jot down notes or recipes for easy use in the kitchen. (Examples via National Builder Supply.)

Contemporary tile shapes, like the slender, rectangular tiles in the photo above, can help add a fresh flair to your kitchen. You could also use a mix of three widths of tiles, including subway tiles, or arrange your tiles in a striking pattern, such as herringbone.

A kitchen backsplash feature can add a bit of grandness when it stretches from the countertop all the way to the ceiling. It can help emphasize the sense of height and scale in your kitchen. (Better Homes and Gardens)

Choose points of interest wisely

As with all design features, you’ll want to be sure that there aren’t too many competing points of interest for your kitchen. If you are going to use your backsplash as a focal point, then you’ll want to allow other things to take more of a back seat. You’ll also want to ensure that there are elements that unify your design, pulling together diverse features. An example is the kitchen pictured above, where the colors of the tile mosaic pull from the colors of other elements of the kitchen.

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