An example of Eclectic Style from Houzz.

How to find your design style when decorating or remodeling can be a challenge. Just look at the myriad quizzes available online these days that strive to help you find your style, like this quiz from Real Simple. Or this quiz from Houzz. Determining your style can get even more challenging when you’re working to merge styles with a spouse or partner. Our interior designer Anne McDonald broaches this challenge with every client she works with and has a number of tricks of the trade to help clients hone their style.

Find your style with a design-build company

McDonald Remodeling is a design-build company, which means we do all aspects of a remodeling project, from start to finish. This works well for homeowners who want to focus and refine their aesthetic vision. Someone who chooses to work with an architect may already have a very defined style and want to work with a particular architect to emulate their aesthetic. But many other homeowners don’t already have a focused design approach when beginning a home remodel. That’s where our designers come in—to help homeowners come up with a style that uniquely fits their home, tastes, and personalities.

Our design sleuthing process

Anne sits down with clients at the beginning of the remodeling process to start the style discussion. She often begins by reviewing a collection of photos that homeowners have gathered as inspiration, or an ideabook from Pinterest or Houzz that homeowners have created. This is a very helpful starting place, says Anne. The images often have a diversity that might at first feel random, covering multiple points on a style map. For example, many people find home styles they admire that are both traditional and modern, or several points in between. By asking questions, Anne helps clients identify what it is about each picture and style that they like. It could be the warmth or the excitement of one look, and the clean lines of another. Together, they work to identify key overarching elements to emulate.

Then, Anne works to marry the styles in the homeowners’ unique space. Anne and the homeowners pick out sample materials, including fabrics, paint colors, flooring and countertops. Then, Anne lays out some sample style combinations in our Computer-aided design (CAD) program. Through this process, the homeowners begin to have a visual for an interior design that merges their varied style interests.

Staying out of a style box

Anne says that one of the greater challenges of this process is that these days, it seems more and more people are hesitant to be put in a style box. Some 15-20 years ago, people tended to like their home to feel more uniform and consistent, clean and ordered. Now, probably more than any other genre, an Eclectic Style is popular today—a lived in, authentic, curated look. Come back next week to learn more about the Eclectic Style and tips for making it work.

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