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A growing trend in home remodeling and design is smaller, smarter home designs. According to the National Association of Builders, home sizes are predicted to decrease by almost 12% by 2015. There are a number of reasons and theories for the trend, but one thing is certain: the savings in square footage can often be put toward higher-quality design and materials. This trend applies well to home remodeling, which allows you to keep your existing location and footprint but add great design improvements to your living space.

Why smaller homes

There are a number of reasons for the trend in smaller homes. One is a wish for more affordable mortgages. Another is the growing interest in having a smaller ecological footprint and a greener home. There’s the retirement and empty nests of baby boomers. And there’s a pull toward vibrant urban locations, where real estate is more dense and space is at a premium.

More room for high-quality design

One especially key driving force behind smaller homes is an interest in higher-end design and materials. A major benefit of spending less on square footage is you’ll have more budget for higher quality elements. As Angie’s List puts it, homeowners are tending toward more “strategic improvements to boost functionality, increase efficiency and take advantage of existing space.”

Making room with open floor plans

A more specific trend in smaller homes: open floor plans, which can make smaller homes feel larger. Open kitchens are especially popular. They have been trending for the past 25 years and continue to pick up steam. Where kitchens used to be hidden away from the rest of the home, they are becoming much more integrated, allowing the whole family to be a part of the food preparation, and/or the cooks to be a part of the party.

Importance of a good designer

The trend toward smaller homes is an even greater argument for involving a designer. As New York-based interior designer and author CJ Dellatore puts it, “When every inch counts, everything has to be perfect.”

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