An example of a Zebra wood floor. Photo credit: Paul Anater,

There are so many options these days for hardwood floors. Everything from exotic woods to radiant heat to innovative engineered wood floors. We’ve done a little roundup of top design and remodeling blogs with ideas for hardwood floors. The articles linked below have some key trends and considerations that will help you get started on your own project. Happy reading!

Exotic hardwood floors

Remodelista has a great article on the ins and outs of bamboo flooring. They cover various types of bamboo floors, including engineered, solid, and woven bamboo flooring. They also outline various pros and cons of bamboo, such as eco-friendliness (mostly a pro) and durability (sometimes a con). Houzz has a helpful overview of several more exotic hardwood floors, including hickory, cherry, rosewood, and teak.

Wood floors and radiant heat

The remodeling website Porch covers the ins and outs of wood floors and radiant heat, a rising technology in the past 15 years that is often used with tile and concrete. The article explores the ways radiant heat can be used with wood flooring, when the right timber quality and milling methods are employed.

Innovative and engineered hardwood floors

Houzz also has a roundup of five innovative wood floors. These include undulating wood floors, pioneered by a company in the Netherlands, and wood “tiles” made from the cross-sections of logs and tree branches. And finally, Houzz has some helpful considerations for when to use engineered wood floors, as opposed to solid plank wood floors.

Budget considerations for hardwood floors

Finally, the remodeling website Porch has an article that will help you budget and make decisions for your flooring, covering the various cost drivers for flooring projects.

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