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Bathroom remodeling projects are the most popular home improvement project, according to a survey by Houzz, and homeowners and remodelers continue to find ways to make bathrooms even better. Here are some of the latest bathroom technology trends, as you plan your own bathroom remodel. MSN Real Estate is calling the bathroom “The New Den,” and many of these new technologies definitely make the bathroom a more comfortable, useful, and entertaining living space.

1. Touchless toilets
You have probably started to get used to touchless toilets in public bathrooms. Now, you can bring the same high-tech, hygienic technology to your home.

2. Radiator towel warmers
These sleek radiators, covered in an earlier blog post, double as towel hangers and warmers, making for a luxurious bathroom experience.

3. Radiant heat floors
Bathroom flooring with radiant heat can amp up the comfort to your bathroom experience, helping you and your guests to step out of the shower onto cozy, inviting warmth.

4. Fireplace elements
An increasingly popular bathroom element is an open flame or fireplace element, adding the sense of warmth and coziness to the bathroom and making it feel all the more like a den.

5. Stylish grab bars
As Baby Boomers age, features that make bathrooms more accessible allow for aging-in-place functionality. New options in bathroom grab bars help the bars to blend right into your bathroom design.

6. Remote controls
The bathroom is being revamped more and more as its own entertainment zone, which includes remote, water-proof controls for music, television, and even windows.

7. Smart storage
Designers are also moving to vertical storage options, putting things closer in reach and more adjacent to eye height. Storage is also trending toward smaller spaces with lots of dividers, more tailored to bathroom items. And medicine cabinets often include outlets these days, for electric toothbrushes, razors, and the like.

8. Sustainable bathroom technology
Low-flow toilets can minimize water usage, on-demand water heaters can heat water almost immediately without having to spend energy storing it, and heated floors on a timer can limit their energy output.

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