As spring weather finally arrives in Minnesota, we’re doing a series of posts about transforming your outdoor living space into a spot you’ll want to be all spring and summer long. Today’s post is about trends in patio paver surfaces, including surfaces that are more environmentally friendly.

Permeable patio pavers

One trend in patio paver materials is to use materials that create a permeable surface. This allows water to drain easily and can be considered a more environmentally-friendly design. Designs might include lines of stone pavers with strips of pebble or grass in between.

Recycled patio pavers

Another trend in patio pavers is to use recycled materials. Paver stones made from recycled materials, called “composite pavers,” can be comprised of used plastics or scrap tires. You also might consider using tire mulch in between pavers as another way to achieve a permeable patio design. Recycled pavers are not only more environmentally-friendly. They can be lighter, too.

Hybrid or mixed material patio pavers

Many patios these days are being made with a combination of materials, such as flagstone and brick, cement inlaid with stone and brick accents, or a combination of limestone slab, wood decking, and pebble bed. This can add great visual interest. Some of these combinations also allow for a mixture of permeable and non-permeable surfaces.

Distinctive patio shapes

A patio doesn’t have to be an expected rectangular surface. Patios these days are being constructed with curvy edges, perhaps to mimic the rounded stones being used. Other patios are formed in the shape of a circle, at an angle, or a shape completely unique to the parameters of a particular backyard.

Paver stones vs. concrete

Using paver stones as opposed to poured concrete can allow for more flexibility in the design elements listed above. In addition, stone can be considerably stronger than concrete, and it can make it easier to remove or replace a piece here or there if needed.

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