There are many kinds of lighting you might use for your patio, garden, or outdoor living space, and many reasons to use said lighting. To name a few, outdoor lighting can be used for safety and security, for a decorative accent, or for highlighting your landscaping at night.

Various kinds of lighting will serve these different purposes. Timed, automatic lights and motion sensors can address security needs. A striking pendant can serve as a decorative accent. Rope or puck lights along an architectural feature like a pergola can serve to highlight its design. Below are five outdoor lighting ideas to consider that will help make your outdoor living space shine.

5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

  1. Remember the use of shadow. When lighting stonework or an architectural feature, a careful placement that allows for shadows can highlight the intricacy of the design.
  1. Less can be more. When lighting a path, it can be easy to err on the side of too many lights. Many designers would advise that less is more. You can provide hints as opposed to outlining every last inch of a garden path. A carefully designed lighting scheme can strike the right balance.
  1. Create color and texture. Lighting can also add color and texture to the night time experience of your backyard. You can achieve this by placing lights near striking and varied plants in your garden.
  1. Consider environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting. One aspect of this is low-voltage, energy-efficient or solar powered lighting. Another aspect is lighting that is mindful of light pollution. Companies like Starry Night Lights create lights designed to shine where they need to and nowhere else, leaving the starry night sky as its own feature you can enjoy from your backyard.
  1. Choose a special pendant light as a work of art. A distinctive pendant light over an outdoor table could be a real centerpiece for your patio. Read this recent article in the New York Times about designers’ innovations and creativity in lighting.

This are just a few of the details that will make your outdoor living space really shine. Are you read to discuss the details of your project with one of our designers? Contact us today.

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