Custom Sleeping Zone

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

According to the Wall Street Journal, pet ownership is at an all-time high, and many people are looking for ways to make their homes even more pet-friendly spaces. Here are some remodeling ideas that can take your pampering of beloved Fido or Fluffy to the next level.

Pet doors, the most common remodel, account for 43% of pet remodels, according to the Home Improvement Center. They can be a good place to start. But there are so many other ideas for making an aesthetically-pleasing, convenient, and comfortable space for your pet.

Indoor pet retreat—a spot where your dog or cat can hang out with automatic feeders and drinking fountains, often near a back door with easy access to the outdoors.

Disguised litter box—these often look like furniture. Sometimes, they are located in an out-of-the way spot like the garage, with access through a secret cat door, like one inside a cabinet.

Built-in sleeping quarters—these could be in any room of the house, even under the stairs, but in all spaces they create a sleeping space for your pet that fits into the overall aesthetic of your home and gives them their space out from underfoot.

Dog Washing Station

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Dog showers—could be a tiled shower with a handheld shower head or a raised, stainless steel bathing station with a ramp for easy access for your dog.

Storage and feeding station—a cabinet, closet, or armoire that contains all pet supplies, including food, grooming materials, leashes, and toys. You might have a built-in feeding station that keeps the food and water bowls in a designated spot out from underfoot.

Doggie gates—ideas included custom gates, half-height pocket doors, and dutch doors.

Pet-friendly flooring—ideas range from high-end vinyl to radiant-heat floors to tile to hardwood or laminate with a hard coating to protect against accidents and scratching. In all instances you’ll want to find a durable option with a watertight seal.

Even more elaborate ideas can be found in the Wallstreet Journal article, including a cat run and overlook that blends into a home’s crown molding, and a shallow foot washing and drying system via a tunnel that is a dog’s special entrance to the house. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own perfect space for your pet—happy brainstorming!

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