Our last post talked about things to consider for the flow of your kitchen. After deciding on your layout, you’ll probably be ready to start the fun task of brainstorming kitchen cabinet ideas. Below are a few key cabinet door and drawer designs that just might be the perfect solution for your kitchen remodel.  

Track doors

Open cabinet doors can be a walking hazard in a kitchen, particularly for those less spatially-aware members of your household (a nicer way of saying clumsy). Here’s one way to avoid the obstruction—doors that use a ball-bearing track to open from side to side. The doors slide in front of an adjacent cabinet, leaving floor space open. One drawback is that you can’t access side-by-side cabinets at the same time.

Pocket doors

With small pockets on either side of the cabinet, these doors stay at least partially out of the way when open. When closed, the doors slide flush with the wall, leaving a smooth cabinet surface and a sleek look for your kitchen.

Flip-up doors

These doors lift up and away, with the aid of hydraulic components. They are another way to keep doors from obstructing walkways through the kitchen and provide full access to an area, such as a workspace you’d like to keep covered when not in use. They are particularly common among European cabinet makers.

Tambour doors

Opening similar to a garage door, tambour doors are made out of long, thin pieces of wood attached to a length of fabric that allows the door to slide over the top or side of the cabinet. They work well for stowing kitchen items used every day, like the coffeepot and toaster, providing easy access. Tambour doors most often open vertically, but they can be made to slide from side to side.

Corner drawers

Anyone who has dug blindly into the back reaches of a corner cabinet would be interested in this innovation. The drawers make full use of that corner space with much easier access, pulling those stowed items out into the light where you can easily see and reach them. They are somewhat of a specialty item, not made by every cabinetmaker, so if you have your heart set on them, inquire about their availability before selecting a cabinet company. 

For more ideas on kitchen cabinets, check out the guides over at Houzz.

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