The key to entering your home in the future may not be a key at all. With at least three companies bringing smart locks to the market. The idea of getting into your home is evolving, and if you believe their makers, it’s about to get easier. They all take slightly different approaches to provide you, your family, a repair person, a dog walker, a house sitter, etc… with access to your house without the hassle that keys can sometimes bring.

From having to make copies of keys and having to get keys to those who might need to use them are just a couple of major headaches when trying to arrange for someone to have access to your house. It shouldn’t go without saying that we’ve all come with an armload of things from a trip to the store and wished we didn’t have to try and fish the keys out of our pockets at the most inconvenient of times. These smart locks are trying to remove those issues and give you even better control of who is able to get into your home.

Take a look at the three examples you’ll soon be able to purchase and what they have to offer. As our homes become “smarter” it might make sense that the democratization of home automation technology first meets us at the front door.


August Smart Lock

Your smartphone or anyone else’s smartphone that you choose can become the key to entering a door with the August lock. Using the bluetooth in your phone to communicate with the lock it automatically senses you approaching and automatically unlocks the door. You never even have to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. The August lock installs over the top of your existing interior deadbolt lock, which means no door hardware to change out. It has built in batteries so it HGH will work no matter if the power is out or not. Need to provide limited access? No problem you have total control over when and for how long a key will work. So whether it’s a family member with 24/7 access or a cleaning person who just needs access for a couple hours a week. You can also see a log of who has entered and exited and know when they did. Just think you could know when you kids made it home safely from school remotely from your phone or computer.


UniKey is a whole lock replacement solution from the company Kevo. Kevo is partnering with Kwikset and Weiser, two established lock makers, to implement their technology. It works similarly to the August Smart Lock mentioned above in that it handles communication between the lock and a smartphone that’s been granted access over bluetooth. You don’t need to remove your phone or the special key fob (included) from your pocket either. It differs in the fact that even though the bluetooth does the unlocking, when you walk up to your door you just have to touch the lock with your finger and then you able to walk right in. The Kevo technology was recently featured on the ABC show, The Shark Tank.

kevo smart lock


Lockitron launched as a Kickstarter campaign and since has been fully funded. The approach of this system to provide an add-on for your existing lock setup on the interior deadbolt. Lockitron utilizes both your home wi-fi and bluetooth to communicate with any smartphone and older phones can even use text messaging. The added ability of wi-fi allows you to control and receive notifications from your lock no matter where you are. Its batteries will last up to a year and notify you when they are getting low. They claim it can easily be installed in seconds as well.

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