Have you wandered around your house thinking that rooms feel a little lifeless and dull? Maybe your considering painting some of them, but you’re afraid of a color choice that’s too bold. There are some other approaches you might want to consider so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the seemingly boring beige surrounding you.

Use multiple textures and patterns that contrast well.

If all of your furniture is from a matching set it can lead to a very flat look in a room. By using different fabrics and materials you will create an area that feels much more dynamic and exciting. A leather ottoman with an upholstery sofa or sectional can provide great contrast. Even if  you decide to keep your furniture tones and colors similar to one another, their differing textures and styling will still create a space that feels richer. Using a large scale pattern on your furniture can really add interest to a room.

Consider an area rug to help pull the rooms elements together. A patterned rug or one with a lot of texture or depth can bring sophistication or warmth to a space. Your window treatments might be under utilized as well in your space. A rich sheen, a velvety texture can seem subtle, but can really change the feel of the room.

Use many different shades of your neutral color.

Differing shades of your color will help the room feel layered and add depth and dimension to a room, that as a single uniform color would feel lifeless. Even adding an accent wall with one additional color could give the room just the help it needs to make a statement.

Use interesting shapes and materials.

Eliminating color from the equation brings shape into the forefront in your room. Whether it’s a round ottoman or cocktail table set against the rectangular furniture, or a more organic shaped piece of decor in the room, they both could bring the character your seeking in the space. The lines of your furniture will play a fundamental part in your rooms visual so choose carefully to create a nice balance of materials and overall shapes.

A little pop of color.

You might not want to paint a whole room fire engine red, but bringing a bold color into your room in small doses just might be the ticket. Finding a striking piece of decor or just the right punch from some accent pillows can give you that extra oomph the rooms needs to give it a finished feeling.

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