McDonald Remodeling can consider many green practices when working on your remodeling project. From practical tips to specialized building materials and products designed specifically for green building and energy efficiency.

Looking for an easy way to start saving energy in your home? Look no further than your light switch. There are many options when it comes to greener alternatives in lighting these days. From Compact fluorescents  (CFLs) or LED light bulbs and new more energy efficient fixtures, but there is perhaps an even easier to stay saving energy and money with your existing lights.

Did you know that using a dimmer switch on your lights can actually reduce the amount of electricity your lights semenax works are consuming? By simply changing your switch you be able to create a better ambience for different activities in your home. We usually don’t need all our lights on at full power for most tasks and a dimmer switch allows your to easily control the level you need whether your watching a movie, having guests over for dinner, or trying to get some work done.

You can use this great energy savings calculator from Lutron to see just how much money you specifically would be able to save by selecting just a few details about your room. The chart below gives your a average breakdown of average cost savings for traditional lighting.

energy savings chartSource

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