Refresh your life, by refreshing your living.

When you start to contemplate remodeling your home many questions start to come to mind.  Some of your questions might sound like these:

  • How much will it cost?
  • What would my return on this investment be if I sold my house?
  • Are “x,y,z” really bothering me enough to spend money to fix it?

These are all very common questions and the answers can sometimes vary, but there are a few things to ponder when making your decision about remodeling your home. First, think about all the issues that bother you about your current house and keep a mental note of them for a minute. Now think about what you do when you get stressed out by your life, family, and job?  One of your first thoughts  might be about a vacation, right? But what if you could live the vacation life just a little bit everyday and lower your stress level on a daily basis? Well the good news is you can and we can help. Your house just might be the thing preventing you from having that more easy going vacation perspective and attitude.

Now back to your list of  issues you were pondering a moment ago. Maybe it was awhile ago, those lists can get pretty long counting all the major issues and small annoyances. Whether these things are top of mind for you everyday or not they are affecting you on some level. They are making it just a little more difficult or cumbersome to get things done or enjoy your home the way you’d like to. Whether it’s just a little harder to squeeze by everyone in the entry on your way out the door for work, having a line standing at the bathroom door in the morning, or trying get breakfast ready in a cramped kitchen these things create friction every time we encounter them. Now just picture a day without all those inconveniences on your list – pretty great right?

Whether or not your can relate to the examples above, your own list is probably ever present in your daily life. Now that we have you thinking about this list let’s try and remedy the stress we created.

Your space affects you.

We all have things our about our homes that drive us a little crazy everyday, which I’m sure you’ve noticed and why you might be considering a remodel of your home. It also might be keeping you up at night pinning things on Pinterest and tearing photos out of magazines for your dream home folder. If you could fix all these things that affect you on a daily level that could significantly change your outlook on life, just like a nice week long vacation does for you. The good news is that some of that relaxed vacation feel can come to you at home! The problem with regular vacations is that they end and their effects wear off quickly as you get back into your daily routine. Your remodeling “vacation” on the other hand won’t end. You get to enjoy everyday from the comfort of your beautiful new space and the new routine it can create. You get your space transformed and all those nagging things disappear off your list, which sounds like a win/win situation to us and you I’m sure too. So don’t just think about the financial aspect of your remodel, think about what a difference in your quality of life it could make too.

Refresh your life, by refreshing your living.

We’d love to hear about your “dream vacation” ideas when you’re ready to escape the daily stresses of your home.

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