Give your home a facelift and give it some curb appeal to help reflect its personality and yours with a remodeled or renovated entryway. Your entryway is your home’s first impression on outside and inside. A great entryway will create a more inviting home for you and your guests.

Rethinking how people enter your home can also transform the rest of your space too. Here are three things to consider when thinking about a remodeling your entryway to create an impact.

1. Exterior & transition area

By creating a bridge between the outside and inside it gives you and your guests a chance to ease their way into your home. There are many ways to join the outdoors with the indoor. It could be in the form of an inviting front porch like  on a St. Paul victorian era home or a spacious patio area on your mid-century modern in Edina. Architectural details like columns, pillars, roof lines, and windows can also add bold accents. Other design elements like seating, lighting and landscaping will cap off the structural details to make your house wow from the curb and give  your home the warm and inviting feel to people before anyone cracks open the front door. Speaking of the door, it  can add a lot of character too! It’s styling, size, material and of course color choice play an important role in conveying the mood of your home. Remember nothing feels cozy and inviting about being in a cramped, stark, and dark entryway or on a small front step where you have to tip toe around and dodge the door just to make it inside.

2. Organization

Having a bit more space to work with would allow you to contain and store so many things that make their way through the door. After all that how everything enters and leaves your home. A proper place for things can make a world of difference in an entryway, and the rest of your house for that matter. Managing all the stuff that comes into our homes is a challenge and the entryway is your first line of defense. From the right size coat closet to the perfect place for all the shoes and athletic equipment, to where to put your keys and the set the mail down, it all contributes to keeping things clean and organized.

3. Traffic flow

Adding on an entryway might can allow you to look at the rest of your space and perhaps use it more effectively. When your guests are no longer thrust immediately in your living room, it opens up possibilities for different foot traffic paths throughout the house. Just one example could be where someone would be able to enter the living room from the entryway or foyer, but a hallway or alternate path might provides access to other areas of the home without having to cut through the entertaining and living space.

These are just a few basic things to begin to think about when addressing your needs in a remodel. We’d love to talk with your about your specific needs and ideas and share more of ours. Contact us if you’re thinking about starting a remodeling project in the Minneapolis/St. Paul or greater Twin Cities metro area or in western Wisconsin.

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