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When thinking about remodeling a room there is often an overlooked aspect that many people don’t consider. A room can be transformed greatly just by paying attention to what’s above our heads, but isn’t top of mind for most. The ceiling can be a great canvas for creativity that has the potential to add a lot of dimension to a room. Three basic things can add to your remodeling project and help give it that added unique something no one else has.

Three easy ways to transform that ceiling:

Paint it

With paint you can make a simple choice on the color and start the rollers going, but you might want to take it an even a step further. With the paint you choose, you also need to start thinking at a basic level about the sheen or glossiness of it before anything gets brushed on because of how it might affect the look and reflection of light. The use of specialized glazes, patterns, and textures is also something to consider when thinking about paint choices.

  • Deeper, richer color – Choosing a deeper color for the ceiling that provides a good contrast to the walls can help warm up a room that might feel bare with a bright white ceiling, when the lower half of the room is decorated so well with floor coverings, furniture, and accent pieces filling the  space.
  • Dress it up – Just like on a wall- glazes, textures, and patterns can really enhance the effect of a paint and create a statement ceiling that adds a richness to a room you can’t achieve any other way.
  • Create more space – Whether its a smaller room in your cottage style home in Bryn Mawr, or your low basement ceiling in St. Paul – you can make them feel bigger by keeping the contrast between the ceilings and walls closer together then you normally would. Instead of stark white ceilings with a darker color wall, choose two shades that are different, but allow your eyes to transition upward easily between the two without a big visual interruption.


Rather then looking for something right off the shelf at any of the the home improvement stores, a visit to a lighting specialty shop can help you find something unique and a much better fit for the atheistic you’re looking for. McDonald Remodeling’s Interior Design Studios is ready to help you with some great ideas as we go through every detail of your project. Instead of just a few choices for a fixture, which might just be the different finish colors, you could end up with dozens of options that might jump out and speak to you and your new spaces potential with the help of our interior designer.

Architectural detail

Paint choice and lighting are maybe the most common ways to add interest to your ceiling and remodel overall, but adding a structural element will definitely make your guests take notice.

  • Mouldings (moldings) – There are so many kinds of moldings to choose from not just Crown Moulding. So depending on your style the look for the options that suit your taste.
  • Beams/woodwork/exposed rafters – Whether necessary structurally or not beams or other wood work on the ceiling give a strong sense of style to a remodeled room or addition.
  • Ceiling materials – Use your ceiling to create impact by covering it or adding embellishments. Tin ceilings are just one just example you could consider

At McDonald Remodeling we are always looking for new ways to make your spaces fresh and personalized to you. As we work through our process with you, can be assured that we are thinking about your whole space and your needs and desires to create something truly unique for you whether it’s under your feet or overhead.

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