A practical book that gives its readers whether experienced decorators or those trying theirs toes in the water for the first time a different way to think about home decor. This book gives readers approachable decorating tips that can actually be put into everyday use. Good Bones, Great Pieces gives you fresh and inspiring spaces that will help you transform you home. Using the seven essential pieces in all different rooms of your home is a concept that is worth considering.

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Making a home is a lifelong pursuit and it starts with your very first place. Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, a mother–daughter team, operate the popular blog Good Bones, Great Pieces. At the core of their philosophy is the belief that every home should have seven essential pieces that can live in almost any room and will always be stylish. The authors explain how to place iconic items of furniture like the love seat and the dresser and rotate them throughout the home as the style or need changes.

Illustrated with photographs of homes and apartments that the McGraths have designed, as well as apartments by some iconic designers, this book is a wonderful resource, whether you are starting out with your first apartment or rethinking the design of your home.

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