Entry Landing StripComing home from an adventure outside your house probably means you’re coming home with more than you left with. This can mean clutter and chaos greeting you at your doorstep. The mountain of stuff only growing higher and higher until you can barely get by.

How can you deal with all the keys, shoes, mail, jackets, and purchases you bring back every tim? This is where the concept of a “landing strip” can give you a smooth touch down back at your pad. Typically the argument for a “landing strip”, where you can dump all your stuff when you come in the door, is for the benefit of having your stuff in one spot. However, it should also help sort and manage your all of your things. Landing strips are also indispensable for purging clutter upon your return home to help things stay neat and tidy.

If we design and setup up our space properly, it can guide of through the process of immediately dealing with all the items we bring back home. When everything has its place the process becomes almost automatic. Before you know it, you’ll have less junk mail piled up, you’ll be able to find your keys, your cell phone will be charged and ready to go, you won’t forget that thing you need to return to the store, and you’ll stop tripping over the shoes by the door. Just think of the time savings you’ll have without having to hunt for stuff around the house, and the counter tops you might start discovering again because they aren’t buried under piles of paper.

Apartment Therapy video has a great video with a few pointers on creating your landing strip. Watch the video to see the process in action.

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