Picture PerfectA remodeled home or space is only half finished without the decorating, furniture, and other eye candy to go along with that perfect layout and its gorgeous finishes. With bare walls and no decorations the room doesn’t come to life or speak to its owners. Decorating can be a daunting task and that’s why we have our Interior Design Studio at McDonald Remodeling to help do the heavy lifting for your new look, but there are smaller things you can do on your own to give your space that cozy feeling.

We are going to take a small step to getting that room or space on track to look and feel like your favorite place. Everyone has photos or art they want to show off, but the thought of how to do it stops many right in their tracks. The folks over at Apartment Therapy made a great little video with a magic formula to give you the little push you might need to get something onto those walls.

Check out their post for the details.

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