Great Kitchen remodel of a 1970s era kitchen
A kitchen remodel is one of the most talked about and most wanted room remodels in the home. It has the ability to really change how you function in your space because it’s such in integral part of daily life. So many activities can take place in a kitchen and that’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to consider before you start your dream kitchen remodel.

The Present & Future
You’re remodeling your kitchen not only for today, but for 15 years from now. You should consider your age and what stage of life your family is in now, as well as what it will look like in the future. You may have very young children now, which presents certain challenges immediately in terms of childproofing and cleaning, but in short order that might mean quicker meals prepared and eaten right in the kitchen before racing off to the next sports practice. On the other hand, it could be that the whole basketball team seems to keep showing up for dinner, so space is at a premium. If your family is bit older, then different transitions are on the horizon. Kids leaving for college or the working world make fewer (replace word “less”)mouths to feed and less food to prepare, so your 6-burner range isn’t getting used like it once was. Your age might also have you thinking about accessibility, which might require wider paths, varying counter heights, or appliances within easy reach. Those accessibility changes could allow you to stay in your home much longer than a typically designed kitchen.

The Swiss Army Knife
Sure, most people cook in their kitchens, but usually its use doesn’t stop there. People call it the hub of the home of for a reason. Whether it’s kids’ art projects at the kitchen table, teenagers doing homework at the island, or paying bills and catching up on email at the breakfast bar, chances are your kitchen looks a bit more like the local Starbucks than the image we typically have in our minds of what a kitchen is for. Be sure to think about all the other social happenings at your house as you plot out your dream kitchen to make it as versatile as possible.

Your favorite Appliance
One thing no one wants in their kitchen is clutter, but it can be hard to resist all those handy appliances that promise to make our kitchen routines easier and faster. Well consider “baking in” those most beloved appliances right into your kitchen remodel. A couple of your most loved appliances could have new locations in your kitchen that you might not have considered. The microwave usually has had two spots it has called home HGH – hanging above the stove or sitting on the counter. With the newer drawer style microwave, you have the added benefits of being able to see your food easily and avoid having to reach uncomfortably to get your food out. By choosing a drawer style, it means you can have another feature in your kitchen like a beautiful hood over your range or some added cabinet space.

The coffee pot has historically been relegated to the counter as well, but not any longer. The coffee or espresso maker can now be built right into your cabinets, leaving more counter space available and transforming your morning coffee routine by delivering some of the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had, even faster than before. It might even help you get to work on time by eliminating a stop at the coffee shop, all while saving you money in the long run.

Open House
When considering your kitchen and an open floor plan, noise can be a big consideration. Whether you want to have to solitude and calm during your cooking, or you’re in the adjoining room trying to watch your favorite show but can’t hear the dialogue because of the noises emanating from the kitchen – the level of noise could be an issue. One thing to consider when looking at appliances for your new kitchen is the noise levels during operation to help minimize additional noise. There are noise ratings available for every dishwasher, which can aid in your selection process so you don’t run into the problem of the dishwasher cycle ruining the end of your favorite movie. Flooring and other finishing materials you chose can also affect the acoustics of your spaces, so choose wisely.

Coming Clean
Maintaining your beautiful new kitchen will require some cleaning to keep it looking amazing. Aesthetics are not the only important thing to consider when choosing what you want in your kitchen. Many materials like counter tops, floors, and appliances can require specialized cleaning products or processes. Some materials and finishes might even help you eliminate some of those time consuming chores. It’s a good idea to learn about upkeep and durability before making your choices.

There is a lot to consider during the remodeling process and that’s why choosing a remodeler who cares about the details matters. We’d love to hear about your dream kitchen and help you make it even better than you could have imagined. Hopefully our list of less commonly mentioned ideas gets your mind going again. When you’re ready to share or have us walk you through the process with a little more guidance, please give us a call or check out our kitchen gallery. Every remodel starts with a conversation.

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