Historically home plans were drawn by hand and reproduced on paper. Nothing wrong with that, but it only provides the viewer a 2 dimensional look at the project. Studies show that over 90% of us do not “see” flat objects 3 dimensionally, so it’s understandable that we struggle judging whether or not we like a 2D plan.

A 3D perspective can be generated by hand, but it takes a significant amount of time and still only provides a view from that particular angle.

In the last few decades computer-aided design (CAD) has virtually taken over the creation of home plans.  But only in the last few years has the 3D capability for home design software really taken off. Our company uses software called Chief Architect and our clients consistently rave about it. Here’s how it works: We measure your home as it exists and load that information into the program. Then floor plan revisions are generated (usually one or 2 options) and details such as doors, windows, cabinetry, wall colors, floor coverings, furniture and accessories are added. Once this data is loaded, the computer quickly generates a 3D view. The viewing “camera” can easily be rotated for an image from virtually any angle. Using photos of your homesite, we can even display the view outside your home through a proposed new window! This is a huge help for our customers, but also helps us be more confident that we’re not missing something.

Watch for examples of this capability coming up on our website. Better yet, call for an appointment and let us bring your ideas to life!

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