As we hit the frigid months in Minnesota you are probably talking about the cold.  Mostly likely not just the cold outside, but in your house too.  Those drafts creeping around the house that make you not want to leave the warmth of a blanket or the covers on your bed.  At some point you’ve probably compared heating bills with a neighbor or a co-worker and wished you had bragging rights with a minuscule bill.

Well the good news is that you could get rid of those drafts and lower those heating bills.  The best news is that over the long-term these solution help pay for themselves.  There are a few options for you to consider to keep cozy and warm for the next five months until we start thawing out.

The industry leading technologies like geo-thermal, wind, and solar are becoming popular option.  The question is, are they really worthwhile? It depends. Some technologies work better in Minnesota than others. Solar clearly works better in southern climates, but as technology improves it becomes more viable every day. Wind is great, but not totally reliable and while everyone likes cheap electricity most don’t like looking at towers. Geo-thermal gets lots of press and promotion. I love geo-thermal and would strongly consider it in my next home. However, if I were to put that same amount of money into the shell of the home geo-thermal system may no longer make sense.

In other words, the less energy a home consumes the less energy there is to save. That’s why I always recommend attacking the shell of an older home first. This includes air sealing, insulation, windows , siding, etc. Once the shell is performing the way it should, the mechanical needs will change dramatically. Then one can determine which mechanical systems make the most sense. No point in bringing a firetruck to put out a match.

As added incentive many of the these options have tax credits right now too.  If you’re starting to warm up to the idea of saving on you electrical and heating bills, getting some great tax credits, and enjoying your cozy home even more  send us an email or give us a call to discuss what might be right for your home.

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