• McDonald Remodeling Receives 2014 ROMA Award

    McDonald Remodeling of Inver Grove Heights Receives a ROMA Award from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities St. Paul, MN, October 23rd, 2014 – McDonald Remodeling of Inver Grove Heights,MN has been awarded ...

Secret Room

Out of a spy novel: secret rooms

Home remodels don’t have to be all about practicality. They can also include elements of whimsy and fun—like a secret room, accessible from a hidden doorway of some kind. Reasons for doing so are varied. They could include security, such as a place to store valuable collections. But such a space could also be a fun […]

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Converted Dining Room

Your dining room, reinvented

  It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to convert dining room spaces into other living spaces. Libraries, dens, and work spaces are just a few of the new uses for rooms formerly reserved for dining. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explored this trend in dining room conversion. The shift is due […]

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For your consideration: The Porch

  These are some beautifully warm fall days. While you’re soaking up the waning time in your outdoor living spaces, consider another trend on the rise: the porch. An article in the Wall Street Journal reports that porches on newly built homes have increased by 63%, according to the Census Bureau. Porches are also increasingly […]

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Center Island

Roundup of creative ideas for kitchen islands

A center island can be a striking focal point for your kitchen. It can be a place to introduce a splash of color, an additional texture, or a distinctive shape. It can also add elements of practicality, including additional storage, seating and, of course, counter space. With all of its appeal and potential, we decided […]

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Aging in Place Design Example

Aging in Place design trends

  Aging in Place is about creating design that will allow you to stay in your home comfortably for years, even as your health and physical needs advance with age. As the National Association for Home Builders (NAHB) puts it, aging in place means “living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age […]

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Eclectic Style Living Room

Design trend: Eclectic style

A decade or two ago, people liked their home to be more uniform, consistent, and ordered. Now, people want a more eclectic style—a more “lived in, authentic, interesting, and curated look” as our Interior Designer Anne McDonald puts it. This tendency is demonstrated down to the craft cocktail trend of late, says Anne—across the board, […]

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Eclectic Style Example

How to find your design style

How to find your design style when decorating or remodeling can be a challenge. Just look at the myriad quizzes available online these days that strive to help you find your style, like this quiz from Real Simple. Or this quiz from Houzz. Determining your style can get even more challenging when you’re working to merge styles with a spouse or partner. […]

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Pendant Light

Lighting mistakes to avoid

Lighting is a very important feature of interior design, but there are many ways to get it wrong. Read on for common lighting mistakes to avoid, as well lighting tips to get the right effect in your home. According to our interior designer Anne McDonald, people tend to over-light rooms these days, because for so long […]

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Crucial tips for finding the right gray

Gray is all the rage these days. Our own interior designer Anne McDonald says gray has been trending for some time now, as designers and homeowners have moved from a tendency toward heavy, warm, earthy colors to the lighter, cleaner palette of gray. But gray can be overdone in interior design, Anne cautions. This is […]

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Round-up of new ideas for hardwood floors

There are so many options these days for hardwood floors. Everything from exotic woods to radiant heat to innovative engineered wood floors. We’ve done a little roundup of top design and remodeling blogs with ideas for hardwood floors. The articles linked below have some key trends and considerations that will help you get started on your […]

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