A time-tested, integrity infused approach to remodeling.

McDonald Remodeling was founded with a passionate spirit and a style of craftsmanship that hones designs down to the last detail. We wanted to create beautiful, comfortable, inviting spaces that fit the needs of their families. We know you’ll enjoy your remodeled home just as much as we enjoyed making your vision come true. Our collaborative process assures you, that your project gets all the attention it needs from our team.

When all is said and done, quality is the defining element of every renovation project. From the home remodel design through the finishing craftsmanship, it’s the quality of the work that will endure. Outstanding skills and real care are the characteristics that enable McDonald Remodeling to deliver a high-quality, consistent home renovation product. They’re the key elements in every part of our company. And in every client relationship.

The McDonald Remodeling process: respectful, time-tested.

More than in any other type of construction, the process itself is crucial during a remodel. Because unlike new-construction projects, we’re almost always working as guests in someone’s home. Our respectful, detail-oriented process relies on time-tested approaches that include precise planning and bidding schedules, project managers, construction superintendents and close communication with you, our client. By establishing a personal relationship and working with you as a team, we’re sure to achieve the result we all envision – a home that’s uniquely and comfortably yours.